The BioTron

BioTronEsis was a 2014 Burning Man HONORARIUM Art Installation.

The BioTron itself was a large translucent cocoon inhabited by a super organism of hyper exotic alien light creatures on it’s outer shell. Inside, the cocoon grew thick layers of white fur for humans to sink comfortably into before being entranced. Then, all who enter her drift off with the entrainment frequencies of the blinking lights as they are lulled into a deep trance like hypnotic state.

The BioTron was lost in the 2017 October Sonoma wildfires.



The BioTron Team 

Erick Dunn – creator

Mitch Altman – entrainment code

Craig Stewart – programming

Howard Tsu – fabrication, programming

Phil (Peef) Sadow – electrical engineering, mystery problem solver

Ben Shadis – lead fabricator/sculptor

Dominique Hatt – casting, fabrication

Kevin Byall – metal fabrication

Nico Liebing – sound design

Creature Assembly / Fundraising/ etc –

Vivien Low                             Cody Reynolds                             Patricia Walker

Joe Phillips                            Tara Packard                                Eva Konig

Ethan Brook                          Heather Kirksey                           Eric Rabinowitz

David Aslanian                      Emily Miller                                  Bruna Burns

Debi Fong                             Jocelyn Van Landingham         Shane Van Landingham

LadyBee                                 Bob  Gonsalves                         Tony Jones

Michael Lions

And for her continuous support both on and off playa, my true love Claudia Meglin. I would not have been able to get this done without her! ~ Erick Dunn


View the BioTron Ecosystem creatures