The Biotron is a mobile, electroluminescent art gallery in the form of a large translucent cocoon for exhibiting alien looking light sculptures of seemingly interdimensional origin. The inside of the translucent and organic looking structure can accommodate 3 to 4 people at a time to view the exhibit inside. The outer shell of the cocoon is inhabited by a diverse ecosystem of light creatures and plants that dance and interact for the amusement of the humans viewing from the exterior of the gallery. We also have a downloadable Android app that allows gallery visitors to interact directly with the art exhibits inside.

Rental of the Biotron for your party or event is 1200 per night plus transportation and includes our host and hostess to answer questions and provide guided tours of the alien ecosystem.

(Alternatively, the Biotron can be set up as a brain wave entrainment chamber for conducting guided meditations for groups of up to 10 people per session. With this option, the inside is outfitted with an extremely plushy, white furry interior. The experience is then made complete through sound immersion from a Gong set up inside. Very deep states of trance are achieved by tuning the frequency of the flickering lights to synchronize the brainwaves of the entire group in real time. A truly magical meditation experience for those more adventurous mind travel explorers.)

For booking information, please contact us here or call us at 707-591-6507. We deliver, set up and guide you and each group of friends through the experience from dark until late.

The Biotron at Further Future Event – Photo by Claudia Meglin




















The inside of the Biotron Brain Wave Entrainment Chamber – Photo by Robin Russell      


BioTron at Science and Non Duality Conference SAND 2014/15












BioTron at Transformative Technology Conference – Sofia University 


















BioTron at Bioneers Annual Conference