As many of you know, the October 8th wildfires last year, in addition to taking our home, workshop, storage units and vehicles, also took with it the art collection and our beloved Biotron. For those of you that don’t know, the Biotron was a mobile, 16′ long x 9′ wide x 7′ high, electroluminescent mollusk looking alien creature, populated by an entire ecosystem of hundreds of smaller electroluminescent creatures and plants, with a ultra cushy, white fur lined interior for conducting sound therapy sessions and group meditations for up to 12 people at a time. (And did I mention the portal or getting in/out was a giant alien pussy!)

The Biotron was a labor of love that took 10+ months (7 days per week, no parties, camp outs, no vacations or breaks) of my work, plus 3.5 months with a volunteer crew, and about 25K in materials. (10k from Burning Man grant, the rest from my wife and myself with some help from the community and fundraisers.) She was quite a lot of work and expense and was my flagship art work for bringing my gifts to the world via Burning Man, Bioneers, Further Future, Autumn Lights Festival, Rhythm Society and numerous other community events. Of all that was lost in the fires, the Biotron was a uniquely inspirational art work that brought joy to thousands over her short 3 year lifespan, but due to changing circumstances and other losses, is uniquely irreplaceable as well.

So how do I keep that momentum going without her? How do I recreate another large, interactive piece of uniquely beautiful art that can go places and inspire wonder and joy out there in the world again? How do I do it without a giant warehouse workspace? How do I do it without a large crew of volunteers since I no longer live close by in the city? How do I do it without asking for grants from (somewhat exploitative) festivals? How?

So far, in the months since the fire, and after having broken my hip as well, I have rebuilt a functional (but smallish), art studio and have created the first part of what I intend will be a work of unsurpassed beauty in the realm of light art. So the answer I believe is the same as it has always been, by being hard working, focused, willing to make sacrifices, capable of engineering miracles, absolutely determined and……..drum roll……being humble enough to ask for help.

Which brings me to our new status as an official non-profit (501c3) through our fiscal sponsors at Fractured Atlas. With this new change, Biotronesis Light Art is now able to accept tax-deductible donations to help us achieve our goal to create larger scale, publicly accessible art that can travel and extend the joy outward in all directions. So if you think this is a worthy cause, the sneak peak at the first new completed part is beautiful and inspiring, and you you can afford a little to spare for ushering new beauty into the world, then please consider a donation to the Biotronesis Phoenix project. My promise in return, is that the new art that is emerging, will honor the gift by giving back countless Awwwwes,OOOOOOhhs, Wowwwwws, Holy Shits, Oh My Gods, WTF is That(s), speechless stares and countless other reactions of joy and wonder. Hope you can help. 🙂

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