Bringing beauty to the world through the language of light, Bioluminoid creatures and plants communicate on a higher frequency. Delight yourself in the stories they tell as you gaze transfixed into the luminous wonder of their ethereal existence.

Each Bioluminoid sculpture, creature or plant, is an assemblage of parts made from molds of actual living specimens of plants,  sea creatures and other natural forms. Combined with expert artistry to weave all these elements together and bring them to life with animated light, color and sound, these imaginatively conceived and meticulously designed works of art are as unique as they are beautiful and as mesmerizing as they are complex.

Being truly interactive art pieces, each one of these light being’s brains can be custom color controlled via the Flickerstrip WIFI connected phone app (also available as a stand alone LED strip controller here: This BioLuminOid brain control app (Flickerstrip) has an intuitively designed graphical user interface that gives individuals the control to modify existing light animations or create new patterns from scratch, as well as download animations created by others from the online library. (And some special BioLuminOids allow users to stream audio through the creature as well.) This truly is: The Internet Of Art!!!

Bioluminoid sculptures are priced from the hundreds to the thousands based on size, complexity and sound generating capabilities. And no two will ever be exactly alike. Please visit to see more and/or inquire about the BioLuminOid adoption process. Or to find out more about where the BioLuminoids come from.

To inquire about the BioLuminOid adoption process please send us a request.


BioLuminOid Plants

Originally introduced as Photon Emitting Transformative Tools (PETT’s)

Price and details upon request. 


Wearable Art

We love you to look at our art. We love you to experience and interact with our art. But now we want you to be the art! As an extension of our work of making free standing light sculptures, we would now like to offer you wearable versions too. These pieces here are but examples of the custom work we do to enLIGHTEN you. Made with durable materials to withstand the elements, our wearables use the most current LED technology with fiber optics, employ user programmable/hackable color changes and effects, as well as consume only a fraction of the power of EL wire. Please let us know where and how you want to show your glow, and we will design for you a custom work of wearable art that is as unique as it is beautiful! Caution: extreme amounts of attention and flattery unavoidable to those caught wearing these in public!


To get on our waiting list for custom wearables, please leave your name and best email along with a brief description of what you are desiring here, and our lead designer will get get back to you to discuss the details. Price upon request.